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I needed a new carpet.  You have no idea how bad it was.  We have three dogs and over time you think you can handle cleaning up after them, but really it’s a losing war.  We had a nice shag, and you know how that feel under your bare feet.  Well, we tried cleaning it, but the vacuum couldn’t get the dirt and mud off the floor, the carpet cleaning machine didn’t really get the mud out of it either.


It just kind of spread it around more.  Finally we broke down and we had a carpet cleaning service come out to look at our floor, but that too was unable to get the dirt out of the floor.  My husband finally gave up and we called Floor Coverings Direct to get us a new carpet.  Wilson came out and told us that with our household a textured carpet would be a better prospect with our dogs running about.  He was supremely helpful to us and we recommend him highly.


- Happy Dog Owners



I like to support my local businesses, which is why I am really glad I chose Floor Coverings Direct.  Rather than going with a big chain flooring company, I went with the small company, and I have to say I am glad I did.


Rather than speak to a bunch of people about my order and having even more people traipse in and out of my home to do the work, I just got Wilson and his team. You really don’t know what it is like to work with only one person until you actually do.  It is much more peaceful that the other, so I would highly recommend them to anyone.


- Happy Homeowner



My home was a starter home. Until I got married and starting having kids it was perfect for me as a bachelor.  However, dirty, old floors are not okay when there is an infant starting to crawl, so we had to replace my old floors.


Wilson came, from Floor Coverings Direct and gave us a really good price on flooring for all the rooms in our house and even gave us a bit of a discount since we were doing the whole place.  The amazing thing is it only took him two days to get the entire house done.  I am impressed with his service.


- Happy Family


One of my friends recently got their whole house’s floors redone and I have to say that I was impressed. I needed to replace the floor in my kitchen as some of the tiles were wearing thin, so I asked and was told about Floor Coverings Direct.


One of the best choices I’ve ever made.  I called and set up a consultation with Wilson who was very helpful in getting me a price on a patterned laminate that I could afford easily.  That the tiles and installation did not cost me much but make my kitchen look impressive is a testament to the quality of the service Wilson provides.  I’m telling everyone about him.


- Satisfied Customer



I just want to say that I never thought that tearing up carpet and putting down new carpet could be any fun whatsoever, but was pleasantly surprised by the process when I actually had to do it.


I met with Wilson at Greater Chicagoland Carpeting and we went over a number of different types of carpeting and I got to feel which would feel best to me in advance.  I really appreciate the time and energy that Wilson put in to making me enjoy the experience.  Throw in the fact that my house was done in a day and I am an extremely happy man.


- Happy Homeowner



I have nothing but a glowing recommendation for Floor Coverings Direct.  They are not a big company, but they make up for in size with their courtesy and skill.  I had them do some work for me and it was a pleasure.


They were very nice, did not make a mess for me to clean up after, and were very efficient with their time.  They delivered the new carpeting, after they tore out the old one, and installed it in a matter of hours, taking care to put my furniture back after they were done.  It was an excellent experience and I would recommend them to everyone.


- Super Satisfied Customer



The Windy City is not without its charm, and much of that has to do with how much care the city takes of its properties.  I am small business owner in downtown Chicago, and in doing my part to maintain the appearance of our town, I budgeted for a total facelift.  Once the painting was done and place washed down and cleaned, I need to put in the flooring and furniture. Floor Coverings Direct was a good source of affordable frieze carpeting throughout the main office and Saxony carpeting in each office.  The plus side is that they were able to make the colors match throughout the office.  They did an excellent job and the carpet is beautiful!


- Happy Business Owner



It really nice living near one the biggest cities in the country, because I can go downtown whenever I want, my job is great and the real estate has great value.  Mind you, I am considering a move and my realtor suggested updating my home before I move, so that’s what I’m doing.


After a fair bit of research I found these guys, Floor Coverings Direct, and after a quick phone call set up a consult with them.  It was a great meeting and I have decided to update the floors throughout my home.  Wilson was great about getting me some awesome prices on tile for the kitchen and bathrooms and carpeting for the rest of the house.  I would totally recommend them.


- Happy Customer



Living outside of Chicago has it’s benefits, and not least of those is cost of living.  That made a huge difference when we went and replaced the colors in all of our bedrooms.  We live in an older house, and if I am totally honest, I really don’t know when the carpets were last replaced.  It’s moot now, because after one meeting with Wilson we knew that his company was the one we wanted to use.  He had a great selection of carpets to choose from and really seemed to know what he was talking about.  That was demonstrated quite profusely when he did the work.  We’re living in comfort now. Seriously.


- Anonymous



Being a single mom with 2 elementary aged children is no picnic.  On top of a job I have to juggle their homework and after school activities.  I don’t really have a lot of time to do spectacular cleaning which is why I eventually broke down and on one weekend, I went and got Floor Coverings Direct to install a pretty durable frieze in my home.  It looks nice and I was able to get it done while kids were out.  They were super cool about working around my schedule, and that made this possible.


- Single Mom of 2



Have you ever wondered why you even bother trying to keep a clean house? I mean it’s really not possible when you are raising children and they are active.  Not that anyone wants kids who just sit around playing video games all day, but it seems like there is a universal rule about children and their ability to attract every microscopic particle of dirt and bring it home with them.  All we can say is that Wilson and Floor Coverings Direct have saved us a lot of stress.  He helped us floor a mudroom and new carpets in the house to help us mitigate the amount of dirt the kids bring in.  Thanks Floor Coverings Direct!


- Active Family



I live in one of the suburbs right outside of Chicago so finding a company to do anything I need is not really an issue for me.  Finding a company that I trust to work for me is a bigger problem.  Fortunately I had no such issue with Floor Coverings Direct. When I called them I talked to a really nice person who scheduled an in home consultation.  The guy who came to my house was clean, professional and did not reek of smoke when he showed up, which is not the norm in my experience.  Throw in that they did the work for me in a positive way and my house is much more comfortable, I am very satisfied with them.  Floor Coverings Direct made my dream of a stress-free flooring installation a reality!


- Satisfied Customer



Having children and carpets in the same house is an unavoidable expense I have recently learned.  It is impractical to have tile with children running about as they are more likely to hurt themselves on it, but having carpet means that it is much more difficult to clean up after them.


I had resigned myself to not replacing the carpet again until after they are grown.  Floor Coverings Direct was really nice about coming over and replacing our carpeting, but they also helped us realize that it is impractical to do frequently, which is why they gave us some cleaning tips.  From all of us, thank you!


- Busy Mom



Floor Coverings Direct is by far and away the best carpet service I have used to date.  I have done many home repairs and updates, but these guys took the prize in professionalism.  From the initial call to consultation to carpet installation, they were precise and on time.  They did exactly what they were supposed to, and did it in such a way that I had no work after they were gone.


- Happy Customer