Understanding Carpet Styles

Many people choose carpet to cover their homes, businesses and offices. Carpeting not only has many tangible benefits which make it an appealing option. Not only is it affordable, it is also a very fashionable way to decorate your home. While carpets come in many different grades and degrees of comfort, Floor Coverings Direct offers a range of carpets that are highly fashionable and are sure to please even those with discerning tastes. We offer carpet that comes in colors and designs that would not normally be available from other flooring dealers. With Floor Coverings Direct, you will be sure to find the perfect carpet for your space!


Floor Coverings Direct offers a wide variety of special designs and patterns to make your home unique and special. These range from having differently dyed patterns on a solid background to having other stylish designs in your carpet that are not standard at all. We understand the need for unique designs and patterns for those who want something a little more colorful and fashionable for their homes, and we will deliver for you.


Saxony Carpet

Traditional, formal, elegant look

Smooth, soft, plush look

Luxurious feel

Twist and finish to the yarn

Excellent choice for master bedrooms, formal living rooms, or dining rooms

Noticeably shows footprints and vacuum marks

Not a good choice for homes with lots of activity, kids, or high traffic areas


When people say “Saxony carpet” they are referring to a type of carpet. They are referring to a type of carpet with a cut loop pile. This means that the carpet is woven in loops, and then the loops are sheared off, creating a carpet with a tufted, even surface.


Saxony carpet is typically woven very densely, and it has a very soft, plush feel. The primary disadvantage to this type of carpet is that it tends to show marks such as footprints, making it sometimes challenging to maintain.


The softness of Saxony carpet makes it a popular choice for homes, and the elegant look of the carpet can lend a luxurious feel to a room. Some people consider Saxony carpet a more formal type of carpeting, and it may also be marketed as plush carpet. If you have ever entered a formal room and noticed that the carpeting is extremely plush, chances are that you have seen a Saxony carpet in action.


Whether you live in Richton Park, IL or Hebron, IN, Saxony carpet will bring you great softness and luxurious living.


Frieze Carpet

Cut pile style with a high twist level

Great choice for areas with high activity levels

Durable and wears well in high traffic areas

An excellent option for any room in your home

Hides footprints and vacuum marks

Available in many pile heights for different looks


Frieze carpet is a cut pile carpet made from highly twisted fibers. These Frieze fibers are twisted more than the normal carpet yarn. It is twisted to the point that it kinks and bends. Each twist kinks in a different direction, consequently the yarn will not lay down in any direction. This kind of carpet is strong and durable, so it is almost always recommended for “high traffic areas”, such as hallways or living areas because it will not flatten or show footprints or dirt easily.


Many people like the extreme softness of the carpet, along with the casual look and easy care directions.


For more information and/or a quote on frieze carpeting, please contact FCD Flooring TODAY at 708-672-3303 or email us at wegee9@gmail.com .


Frieze carpet can serve you well in Orland Hills, IL or East Chicago, IN.



Carpet Tiles

Pre-made carpet squares

Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Good choice for both high and low traffic rooms

Easy installation

Easy repair when needed


Carpet tiles consist normally of bonded carpet. These carpet tiles or “carpet squares” normally comes in 18 x 18 inches. Varying thickness’ and patterns are available, They come in hundreds of different colors and a few different styles.


Carpet tiles can be purchased either dry-backed or self-sticking. The dry-backed version needs a special adhesive or, for less permanent jobs, double-faced tape. Self-sticking tiles are mainly for the DIY person, however there are several things to take in consideration. These tiles are not highly recommended for use in below-ground areas, such as a basement, because it could mildew. These tiles can go over almost any surface, as long as it is clean and dry.


Carpet tile turns the messy, awkward job of carpet installation into a quick and easy one. Placement requires less time and few special tools. This type of flooring can be chosen for any room. The pile is not as dense as that in rolled carpet, but it can serve well in both high and low traffic areas.


Carpet tiles are manufactured by several major manufactures as will as some specialty manufactures. Some of carpet tile manufactures are Shaw, Mohawk, Armstrong, Milliken and FLOR.


The main advantage of using carpet tiles is that you can replace a damaged or worn area without having to replace the whole carpet. Tiles from underneath heavy furniture, for example, can be swapped with those in high-traffic area to even out wear. They also allow easy access to under-floor wiring or plumbing. Extra replacement tiles should be purchased with the main batch, as those brought at a later date will almost certainly be slightly different color.


It can not be said enough times, carpet tiles require a very clean and dry surface and should not be used in areas where moisture problems can occur.


Though carpet tiles are becoming more popular it can serve you well if you are in Palos Hills, IL. or Palos Park, IL.



Plush Carpet

Cut pile construction

Luxurious feel

Smooth and dense for a comfortable feel underfoot

Comes in the widest variety of colors

Not typically used in high traffic areas

 Will show footprints and vacuum marks

Plush carpet has a luxurious look and features a velvety even cut pile. Plush carpeting is an example of a cut pile that is distinguished by a weave that is smooth and dense. The actual cut of the pile is such that the appearance of the carpet surface gives the impression of perfectly manicured. Plush carpeting is lower and somewhat more dense than is found with Saxony carpeting. Plush carpet is widely available and the carpet choice for many purposes.


There are several advantages to the use of plush carpeting. One of the benefits is a very comfortable covering. This carpet style has a cushioning effect even without the addition of a pad underneath the carpeting, because the construction of plush carpeting calls for the small tufts to be closely spaced. For homes with children, or adults who sometimes like to sit on the floor, plush carpeting can be a great choice.


From a maintenance point of view, plush carpeting also is a viable choice. The addition of protective chemicals to the surface of the fibers helps to repel stains from liquid spills, as well as prevent tracked in dirt from adhering to the fiber.


There are a couple of drawbacks to plush carpeting in that it shows footprint shading easily as well as track left by vacuum cleaners.. The level of the fiber ends in the pile does not lend themselves well to high traffic areas.


For many people, the benefits of plush carpeting outweigh the disadvantages. With regular cleaning and maintenance, plush carpeting will continue to look attractive for a number of years. As many people have discovered, plush carpeting can provide a great deal of warmth and comfort to dens, living rooms, and bedrooms.


Choose your carpet color carefully., because plush carpet usually comes in the widest array of color choices, you’ll have a lot of options. Consider the areas in your home where the carpet will be located, including the wall and furniture colors and textures.


Plush carpet can last many years if vacuumed daily and professional cleaned annually if your in Crete, IL or Lowell IN.



Textured Carpet

Cut pile carpet that is very popular

Alternating twists of yarn

Great for a casual look

Can have a two toned appearance.

Hides footprints and vacuum marks

 Great in all areas, especially for high traffic areas and active families
 Available in a wide range of colors and prices

Textured carpets are consider the best-selling carpet. It is the preferred style for busy households. Textured carpeting also works well in informal areas such as family rooms and children’s bedrooms because of its soft feel. Textured carpeting is one of the most versatile carpet products on the market. Textures are tightly twisted and heat set.


One of the reasons for textured carpets popularity its a very decoratively and versatile cut pile carpet. It can add casual beauty to any room and will continue to look great between vacuuming s. Textured carpeting has a multi-colored look that helps disguises tracks.


Textured carpet can work beautifully with any decor, from casual to formal. The textured carpet pattern is created out of a single color by giving some of the tufts added twist, causing them to curl back on themselves in random directions. These tufts in the textured carpet then reflect light differently than the straight tufts. When the additional twist is given to all tufts, the style is called a textured carpet or some times referred to as a textured Saxony.


Textured carpet comes in both patterned and solid styles. When, with an added twist of the fiber it can enhance and further reduce the appearance of footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. This added twist to the fiber is called a Frieze or Trackless carpet. Both are a highly textured cut pile construction. These are ideal if you are looking to further minimize the appearance of footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. Frieze (pronounced “free-zay”) carpets have tufts which are so tightly twisted they curl back on themselves in random directions. This creates a nubby or pebbled look. A Trackless style constructions usually falls somewhere between a Textured Saxony and a Frieze. Both styles can be casual or formal and both are ideal for rooms with higher traffic.


The popularity of different textures of carpet will vary within the U.S., but whether you live in Monee IL. or Beecher, IL you’ll find people in that same areas of the country tend to have similar tastes in the texturing of their carpet.